Bull City Cigar Co.
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Tradition Reborn. History Refined
Bull City Cigar Co. is based out of Durham, North Carolina which has a rich 
prosperous tobacco history.  Our cigars are hand rolled daily by experienced and talented cigar rollers or "torcedoras" right here in Durham. The Bull City Cigar Co. line of cigars are made with the highest quality tobaccos grown in several exotic locations including Indonesia, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic.  These tobaccos are aged for a minimum of ten (10) years then combined in an exacting ratio to provide distinct and complimentary flavors throughout the cigar experience.

 of our cigars are made when you order to guarantee freshness and comply with our arduous standards.  These cigars do not compare to your typical cigar retailer as they have not been sitting in plastic in a humidor for months at a time. They are rolled, packaged, and shipped within days after ordering so that you can experience an original fresh, hand rolled cigar with minimal delay.  You also have the option of having your cigars personally delivered by your very own cigar concierge.

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